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Welcome to Celtic Woodwinds

BAGPIPES. . . the name alone conjures up visions of misty glens, deep lochs and mystical tales of the Old Ways. The bagpipes were a part of everyday lives of the Celts and their distinctive sounds were readily available to celebrate any special occasion. Let the wild music of the Highlands and the powerful skirls of the Great War Pipes of the North make your special day even more memorable.

Dave Stuart O'Neil is the Pipe Major for the Grand Rapids District Pipe Band, and a member of the Grand Rapids Scottish Society, the Irish Heritage Society of Grand Rapids, the Irish American Club of Kalamazoo, and the Gaelic League of Western Michigan.

A solo piper of extensive experience and repertoire, he has performed in every conceivable venue as varied as weddings and funerals to live stage performances with rock bands to Celtic festivals around the state of Michigan. He is also an accomplished Whistle player, and teaches up to 15 students a week in the stylings of bagpipes and whistles.

This is the Grand Rapids Pipe and Drums at the 4 Chaplins presentation
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